Our consultancy, "The Professional Mentors", offers clients the opportunity to share our philosophy about Transformational Leadership. The Company enjoys relationships with many "world-class" sportspeople and experienced "top-class" professional Coaches who contribute to our Performance Mentoring Process.

We aim to stimulate clients' thinking to enable them to achieve "personal bests". We help people to decide what their next steps should be, how best to take them, in order that they can become as balanced as possible.
Our belief is that natural talent alone will not be enough for individuals to realise their full potential. We believe that, in life, one's "attitude" determines one's future. We also believe that there is "undiscovered potential" in everyone.

We believe that our consultancy "The Professional Mentors" have to expertise to unlock untapped potential.

Our consultancy services cover:

  • Bespoke Mentoring Programmes
  • Fund - Raising & Sponsorship Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Representation


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