NBC provides management services in sport, education and business.

The Directors

Roy Burns

Roy Burns, M.C.S.I.

Tel: 07771 614752

Retired in 1996 after 46 years in the City in Banking, Stock broking and Investment Management. He continues to act as a consultant to a number of Investment Companies.

Roy Burns

Neil D. Burns

Former First Class cricketer who played for Essex,Somerset & Leicestershire. Read more about his cricketing career here.

In January 2004 he was invited to become Chief Executive of London County Cricket Club. The Club, which was formed by W.G. Grace played its last First Class game in 1904, was relaunched in April 2004. Sir Trevor McDonald, OBE, became President and Sir Vivian Richards accepted the position of Club Captain. Information about the Club can be seen on www.londoncountycricket.com.

The Club's mission was to create opportunities for "talented and undiscovered cricketers" and to generate interest from untapped disfranchised and less advantaged people in cricket. It is intended to create an alternative development process to help people understand and ultimately realise their potential.

Roy Burns and Neil Burns


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